Facebook’s “reactions” get a facelift with Reaction Packs: Sailor Moon, Pokémon and more

I love these how do I use them?


Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 20.48.33Even haters of Facebook’s new “reactions” may reconsider after seeing all of the fun modifications you can make with this new browser extension.

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More JSDF recruitment posters get a moe makeover in Ibaraki

yes I want to join when does it open to signup to become a member.?/



It would seem that marketing in Japan is a far cry from the complicated psychological manipulation employed by the ad geniuses of Mad Men. Things, it would seem, are a lot simpler than that for advertising and promotions executives at Japanese firms, ever since someone came upon the brilliant idea of using cutesy anime girls to promote damn near everything.

The huge, innocent eyes and adolescent proportions of the common anime girl apparently trigger something deep in the dark recesses of the brain that makes people lose all rational control, buying up “moe”-promoted goods by the truckload and even making potentially life-endangering decisions like joining the Japan Self Defense Forces.

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Japan Self-Defense Forces get a fan club, for some reason

it says not to open because of certificate problems.so do not open it.



The Japan Self-Defense Forces, or JSDF for short, are basically the Japanese military and includes naval, infantry, and aerial branches. Though the Japanese constitution officially forbids the JSDF from acting aggressively and sees them rather as an “extension of the police” than a proper military, the Japanese budget for the JSDF is the fifth larges military budget in the world.

And now they have their own fan club, which was recently announced along with an accompanying website!

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